Saturday, July 3, 2010

Magic Potion

Happy July! I wanted to get this post in before I pass out from exhaustion--I am so sleepy. I have been meaning to do a post on this product since I began this blog, so here it is: Terax Crema. This stuff is magical, no joke. I have the most unruly, dry, textured hair ever. And this stuff just makes it do right. Just plain, old DO RIGHT. It makes my hair soft and more manageable and just better.
I actually bought my first bottle 2 months ago after years of hearing rave reviews from people about it. Terax Crema kind of has a cult following. After discovering how much it costs, I was hoping I would actually hate it! At Sephora it retails for $22.00 USD, for 6.7 oz. But no. I love it. And now, for who knows how long, I will be stuck on a very pricey conditioner. Lovely. Because my hair is very long and I have a lot of it, I only get a half dozen uses out of one bottle! Oh, damn Terax for making such an awesome product! I love this stuff.
The smell is something I could do without. It has a very powdery, almost baby powder scent. I prefer more fresh scents in my hair care products. But this conditioner is something I recommend to everyone. It will give you incredibly soft, moisturized hair. It really is like magic.

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