Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not So In Vouge

I picked up the new Caress Whipped Souffle body washes after seeing them in an ad in this month’s vogue. There was a spot on the ad that you could smell the Blackberry Vanilla, and it smelled incredibly nice, so I got both the Peach and Blackberry. While they both smell lovely, that’s about all I like about the product. I don’t exactly know what the whipped part of the formula is for, as far as I can tell it does nothing to enhance the product. Their trademarked Silky Fragrance Infusion is advertised as triple moisture and fragrance infusion intended to moisturize your skin while leaving a nice smell. The nice smell I get. The moisturizing is average; no worse or better than any other body wash I’ve tired. The big problem I have with these body washes is that it leaves my bathtub very slippery after rinsing the product off my body. Not good. I’m not even half way through the first bottle and I can tell I will not be reaching for the next. I’ve been eyeing the new Dove body washes, so I might try those out and review them as well. Anybody have any favorite body washes they would recommend?

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